We don’t have to buy a lot of dog food…….

Phoebe the Wonder Pooch....six weeks.

You want to hug me don’t you?

Welcome to my first blog!  I do what I can each day to find something that will make me smile and more importantly make others smile.  That in mind, allow me to introduce you to Phoebe the Wonder Pooch…..my loyal side kick of five years and who in her 12 pound glory has managed to take over my life.

When my trusted companion “Shadow” died at the tender age of 13, I swore that I would never get another dog.  Shadow was a Belgium Tervuren, a working dog that much resembled a German Shepherd but with longer hair.  Shadow was the smartest dog on the planet.  I actually taught Shadow to sneeze on command, a trick which won me countless dollars in bets on the hot summer nights while sitting on the porch, with a cool beverage, friends and of course…Shadow.  Shadow was a man’s dog….one that could chase you out of the room with the slightest curled upper lip and short growl.  A dog that would have door to door salesman running in fright at the slightest hint of my dropping her leash as they were giving their pitch.

About a year after Shadow’s passing, a buddy of mine, a fellow biker called me up to tell me that his son’s dog had pups…and that we were welcome to one if we so chose.  After a short conference call with the General Manager of the household,  I concluded that this would be  good idea since the dog was a smaller breed.

On a July Tuesday morning….early (2:30 AM early) my buddy pulled into our driveway from Fresno with our new companion.  It was hot and he had our new dog in a small box.  Out in the driveway we laughed together at how cute this dog was…weighing in at 2.5 pounds…with fur that went in every direction.  We made such a ruckus that my neighbor Al came out (remember, it’s 2:30 AM) and looking at the two of us, bikers…in the driveway….googling over a puppy…made the comment that he “wasn’t going to try to figure out what we were up to or figure out what sick and twisted plan we had for this puppy, but he would appreciate that what ever we were doing…..would we please do it quietly.”

Pheobe the Wonder Pooch

Phoebe the Wonder Pooch…we knew we had a keeper when on her first night with us, she stole every roll of toilet paper in the house and tore them to shreds.

..and so the relationship began.  Phoebe was welcomed into our house and since has continued raise havoc..but in a good way.   I’ve become one of those owners that for the most part treats his dog far better than he treats himself.  And the good news….we don’t buy a lot of dog food, but we do buy a whole lot of toilet paper.

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- Northwest Information Technologist and Business Professional
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