Scope of Responsibility

  • Director / Senior Director level IT leadership at mid  to large sized, publicly held companies as well as large global enterprises
  • Led initiatives, built and managed teams across globally distributed technology organizations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific
  • Led the IT Merger and Acquisition Strike Team for Network Associates and Flextronics (pre-merger , post-merger including day one cut over) for system integration, system security and new employee assimilation
  • Partnered cross departmental at Siebel and Openwave working with Marketing, Business Development, and Sales to grow the company footprint across the technology industry
  • Managed Partner relationships for HP, IBM, Oracle (SUN) and RedHat at Siebel, Flextronics and Openwave
  • Led IT Compliance and Risk teams for resulting in 100% audit compliance at Flextronics and Openwave
  • Participated in all external Sox Audit meetings and program managed IT SOx audit activities at Openwave
  • Led  IT change control board to insure all changes were approved and logged per SOx guidelines at Openwave
  • Experience negotiating multi-million dollar contracts with technology vendors and systems integrators at Siebel, Flextronics and Openwave
  • Partnered closely with executives, consultants & users to design project methodologies and build complex systems
  • Largest program budget – $2o million at Siebel and Flextronics
  • Led global hardware refresh teams across three organizations at Flextronics
  • Largest team – direct responsibility for 140 technical FTE’s and 20 interdepartmental FTE matrix regionally distributed
  • Built internal IT departments (help desks, regional support, sales and marketing support) from the ground up within multiple companies at Siebel and Flextronics
  • Managed the ITIL process documentation team in preparation for Help Desk Software refresh at Flextronics
  • Assimilated quickly into organizations by grasping critical issues and building relationships with key groups in all of my positions held


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