Career Highlights

Network General 1993 – 1998
Company Description

Network General developed network monitoring, diagnostic and tuning tools.

Original Network Sniffer© installed on a Dolch portable computer. How technology has advanced!

Their primary tool SNIFFER PRO©  still stands today as the benchmark tool for network traffic monitoring and diagnostics.


Joined as a desktop technician configuring, supporting systems and end users throughout the company.

Advanced career to managing the desktop services department consisting of a team of four technicians based in Menlo Park, California.

In 1997 Network General was acquired – McAfee and Network General merged to create a new company Network Associates. Promoted to Senior Manager IT, North American Operations I managed the desktop and server teams for North America with teams in Santa Clara, California – Chicago, Illinois, Newark, New Jersey and Toronto, Canada. I was also the given the responsibility to oversee the IT Acquisition Strike team, ensuring the smooth transition of IT services as seven companies were acquired and merged with Network Associates.



Siebel Systems 1998 – 2003
Company Description

Siebel was a software development company Siebelengaged in the design, development, marketing, and support of Customer Relationship Management tools. Siebel was a company of less than 1000 people when I joined and for five years experienced phenomenal growth expanding to a company of just under 10,000 by the time I left in 2002.


I Joined in the role of Director IT, Operations managing the desktop team and server teams. As Siebel experienced organic growth I was promoted to Senior Director, IT Global Client Services directing a department consisting of three divisions: Desktop Services, Sales IT Support and Global IT Help/Service Desk operations.

Siebel expanded to a global entity; the team I managed did the same. The IT Client Services Department grew to a team of 135.

In 2000 I migrated the Corporate IT Client Services team from San Mateo, California to Sandy, Utah to take advantage of a more cost effective location and rich local resourcing of educated talent. I managed teams in London, UK – Paris, France – Brisbane, Australia – Tokyo, Japan – Chicago, Illinois with a core team that remained in San Mateo, California.



Flextronics (FLEX) 2004 – 2009
Company Description

Flextronics (now doing business as FLEX) is the 3rd largest contract manufacturingFLEX company in the world today. FLEX produces OEM equipment that range from computers to auto electronics to mobility devices worldwide. FLEX has a large manufacturing presence in China as well as Eastern Europe and South America. The FLEX IT organization is split into global regions (Americas, Europe and Asia) which is governed by a Corporate IT umbrella.


I Joined in the role of Sr Manager Desktop Engineering and quickly was promoted to Director level overseeing the global personal productivity device division. As part of my role, I worked with FLEX partners HP, IBM and Sun setting the standard for desktop hardware distributed at all FLEX locations. Additionally I managed the purchase and tracking of global software licenses (Microsoft, Oracle and AutoDesk) for desktop and servers (including production line MS SQL servers).

In June 2007, FLEX purchased Solectron (another contract manufacturing company). I managed the seamless integration of the two company’s IT departments into a single FLEX entity. Included in this responsibility was the mapping of employees and the integration of all software licensing.

FLEX was a distributed IT model, while I had but a few direct reports I had indirect reports in all regions. I did have a team in Althofen, Austria setting global desktop hardware and image standards,  a team in Guadalajara, Mexico standardizing global Helpdesk processes and a team in Timisoara, Romania maintaining global software databases. In each region, I had specific indirect IT leads to maintain Corporate IT standards and processes.



Openwave 2009 – 2011
Company Description

Openwave was a small company which focused on wireless dataOpenwave analytics. I joined Openwave as Director IT Operations with the sole purpose of consolidating the IT footprint and manage the IT Server and Database teams. Today Openwave focuses on mobility to the extent of maximizing the wireless experience.


When I came onboard, Openwave had just experienced a significant right sizing reduction in staff and was in the process of rebuilding the IT department. My challenge was to build and manage a technical team to consolidate the data center reducing from  3 (one offsite co-location) into a single on premises data center. I consolidated the compute environment by 60% leveraging blade server technology and though the extensive use of virtual server technology. In 2011 Openwave divested much of it’s analytics division to focus on mobility and went from a publicly held company to privately owned. At that time my work was focused on further consolidation until such time that Openwave went private.