Specific Career Details

Major Accomplishments

  • Program and Project led a six month data center consolidation initiative reducing three data centers into a single centrally managed data center reducing footprint by 60% for an immediate $2.8/M annual reduction in costs
  • Lead the IT and Engineering Server teams in hardware refresh reducing the physical server count from 2200 to less than 1000 in six months by leveraging bladed technology and virtual server deployments (Citrix, VMWare, Sun Virtual)
  • Established and governed purchase standards for all servers, laptops and IT devices across IT and Engineering
  • Vendor managed all IT suppliers maintaining Vendor scorecards and conducting annual vender reviews.
  • Led the cross departmental Change Control Board insuring all changes were documented maintaining 100% SOx compliance
  • Full responsibility for SOx compliance across IT (business continuity, data integrity, physical access control, access by workgroup, employee on board and termination, security)
  • Full responsibility for SOx audits including internal and external audit committee participation
  • Directed IT Merger and Acquisition teams including leading the IT acquisition team for the FLEXTRONICS/SELECTRON merger resulting in the formation of a $60/B manufacturing company with 110,000 knowledge based workers
  • Managed the global Desktop teams servicing 100,000+ desktop and notebook systems distributed globally
  • Managed Flextronics partnership relationships for Compaq, HP, SUN and IBM
  • Maintained 100% software license compliance tracking usage and purchases globally for 100,000 systems
  • Project Managed IT Software Audits for Microsoft and Autodesk resulting in negotiated true up with no penalty or BSA intervention
  • Managed IT Client Device security including virus protection and client device data continuity
  • Project managed ITIL process documentation team in preparation of migration from Magic Helpdesk software to ServiceNOW
  • Managed the team that maintained the IT Run Book documentation maintaining SOx controls over departmental and position software access
  • Directed Network General/McAfee IT Operations Merger and Acquisition activity to form Network Associates
  • Managed the IT Server Operations and IT Services for the America’s at Network Associates
  • Directed Network Associates IT Acquisition Strike Team activity for Trusted Information Systems, GuardDog, PGP and Protools resulting in $1.2/B of merger activity over a 14 month period
  • Established the Siebel Systems IT Client Services team delivering IT services as the company grew from 800 to 9500 employees
  • Created and maintained business plans and budgets for IT global expansion as Siebel grew from 800 employees to 9500 employees
  • Program and Project managed Siebel data center migration and IT services department migration from San Mateo California to Sandy, Utah
  • Project Managed hardware refresh for 2700 Siebel Sales employees over a five day period at the annual Siebel Sales Meetings
  • Directed all IT activity at every annual Siebel Sales Employee meeting
  • Defined and enforced global standards for all Network, Server and Employee Productivity (Desktops/Notebook/handheld) devices

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