Community Involvement

Personal Experiences

I’m not one for passing judgement on others, you know…the glass house syndrome.  However, if I were to pass judgement I believe that one of the criteria that I would use as a gauge would be how an individual treats those who are less fortunate than themselves.  I speak of those who are in a particularly condition or in a particular place through no fault of their own.  They are there because of a specific uncontrollables in their life; because of the hand that life has dealt them.   I’ve been extremely fortunate to have met some incredibly generous people who have a great influence on my life.  I’ve been involved with some pretty cool charitable organizations and learned incredible life lessons from all of them.   Currently I have two articles, one on a physical condition known as Nevus and another that pertains to the plight of homeless teenagers.  Both of these subjects  are near to my heart and I felt the need to document their work.  My philosophy always has been where much has been given, much is to be expected.   I am amazed how much some people give back.   I’ve learned that an individual should always strive to do more to help others.  It is in that spirit my links will introduce you to and share some incredible experiences I’ve had with some of my favorite organizations.  Organizations that go that extra mile to help those who are in need for no other reason that if they don’t…who will?

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